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So, we wanted to write a quick post to let you into our world. For some of you, you will have stumbled across our blog, perhaps scrolled through our Instagram and, although impressed, perhaps feel unaffiliated with us. Maybe feel what else are we bringing to the table? What makes us different to every other travel blog out there. Well, hopefully in this post you will connect with us and understand us more which is great! Or, and we hope this happens to you, feel we have related to all or part of your own story. We are just a guy and girl who have made travel our story, here’s briefly why.

In September 2016, River got a life changing job offer. Life changing in more ways than we could have even imagined back then. It was an offer that meant leaving London, a place River has called home since moving back from growing up in Spain in 2007. Although a cockney thoroughbred his family emigrated to the warmer climates of southern Spain when he was 8.

Since leaving University, I have too called London home and for the past 5 years I have had the greatest time exploring and enjoying the wonders the capital as to offer. London will forever be magical to me because it is the city where we first met.

Back to this pending job offer. The first thing that attracted River to the job, as is the case with many ambitious, career driven individuals, was the substantial pay rise. A huge pull to anyone ready for the next step in their career. If you don’t already know from the ‘About Us’ section on our website, River is a Video Creative. An extremely creative, focussed and talented man who has an infectious personality and a dedication to his craft like no other.

He was originally headhunted and contacted via LinkedIn. A nice confidence boost when a company has personally pursued you.The job was to be the Senior Videographer, heading up the entire video creative for a relatively small fashion e-commerce company that has been running for around 5 years. Of course interested, he went for the interview. The company is located in Manchester, around 220 miles north of the capital, and coincidentally where I was brought up.

After being sold the dream at the interview and the chance to take the creative lead in all video content across the website, YouTube and social channels, the job unsurprisingly seemed very appealing.

After many conversations River decided to take the jump and make the move. Now, I am extremely for people following their dreams and putting their career first. Or I was. We’ll get to that. I immediately told River to go for it despite the consequences i.e. long distance relationship. Fortunately, during his interview he mentioned his girlfriend was a stylist. Fast forward a couple of months and I too had been offered a fantastic role as the Senior Stylist for the same company.

River had been working for the company for around 3 months before I finished my previous job and made the move to join him. I won’t bore you with the in’s and out’s or up’s and down’s, however not all went to plan.

When I say ‘plan’ I don’t really know what that means to us anymore, and I mean that in the most wonderful, freeing, exhilarating sense of unknown possible. Jointly, we made the decision to leave the company. As I said, unfortunately not all went according to how we had both intended. We had foreseen new, challenging roles in a new city with new colleagues and a new chapter for us, career wise and as a couple. In reality we were confronted with a company facing a very different direction. Fundamentally, if you’re working for a business that feels morally wrong, don’t indulge it, stick to your principles. Needless to say, we left.

At first this was very unnerving. We don’t have an endless amount of money by any means, we are in the usual rat race of salary comes into you bank account and by the time you’ve paid your bills, rent, phone, gym and whatever else, the rest quickly dwindles away leaving you counting the pennies until the next pay-day. Somethings got to change. I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason, don’t get me wrong handwork and dedication are the key to success but health and happiness are worth much more than money earnt being utterly miserable.

This brings me to where we are right now.

Travelling the world has always been an individual dream of mine. I wanted to go after University however life unfolded and I landed a dream job as a Stylist at ASOS after a year of freelancing across the fashion industry. A job I absolutely loved and was right at the time, hence travelling being put on the back burner. Similarly with River, I think he was born with the travel bug. With his heritage a mix of South African and British and an upbringing in Spain, he is both bilingual and brimming with energy to capture the world. After graduating, his career too quickly began to take off sadly leaving his travel plans behind.

There’s never a ‘right time’ to go travelling by any means. Our travels thus far have consisted of day trips, weekend breaks and holidays between working. City breaks are a great way to enjoy a snapshot of travel, grabbing the essence of a place, their culture and food. At every given opportunity we have a trip planned either locally or further a field.

We began our blog to document all our excursions. Hoping to engage our readers through imagery, video content and blog posts, bringing you along on our journey. What started as a personal hobby has become a working passion of ours. We love to share our experiences with you as we hope you enjoy reading and watching.

If, like us, you dream of travelling more or of making the leap to travelling full-time then it’s time. Time to way up your lifestyle, re-evaluate your life and think about what’s actually important. For us, our new jobs hadn’t worked out but it had led us to realise that we obtain pretty transferable skills. Our passion is and always has been travel but trying to juggle our work allotted 25 days holiday was becoming a nightmare. We’d bridge them over Bank holidays, Easter and Christmas breaks just to maximise our time to see as much of the world as possible. What if we didn’t have to struggle to fit as much travelling into 3/4 weeks allocated by work, what if we took the plunge and made travelling our full time job. Right now, for us, is the perfect time. We are both currently freelancing and focusing all our time to this blog. We plan to spend the next couple of months enjoying the trips we already had booked, i.e. Amsterdam, Alaska and South Spain before we take you around the world with us.

We haven’t just thought screw it, let’s just go, come back, then what? Like i said, we are both still working to save up money for the trip and to ensure we still have money to come back to. If we ever come back that is. Of course buying a house, getting on the property ladder, having a successful career or having a family of our own are life essentials that have been drilled into us too. And, yes those things are important to us, however, those options and decisions will always be there. Sometimes I think we have to think of ourselves first. To use the age-old cliché, live for now. Think, what if I only have a year left to live ( ok, maybe a little extreme!) but you get the message. Truly think about what you want to do with your life. Not what you think is expected, or what your parents, ‘friends’, colleagues deem as acceptable. In life, people either have the long-term travel bug or they don’t. I do but my sister is definitely a home bird and that’s totally fine same goes for River and his sister. Sometimes, I feel the older generation can be more hesitant. For example when we say.

“We’re off travelling, no real plan, not sure how long for or where we’re gonna stay. We just want to blog our way around seeing as much of the world as possible”

….ALARM BELLS go off in people’s heads. Quite honestly a lot of the time with the older generation the unknown, a big change in career or deciding not to have a family under 30 is daunting to them. Don’t let that put you off. The world isn’t the same as when they were our age. Priorities change, jobs come and go and travelling has become far more accessible. Parents always tell us as kids they know better but this is our generation, travel, social media, technology, this thing they call the internet. We are the pioneers and the teachers of modern-day living. We’re very fortunate that we have grown up in an age that allows us such freedom through the internet, that actively encourages us to share, like and experience things we never knew existed. River once said to me ‘you make your own luck in life,’ so thats what we’re going to do. As with anything you set out to do, if you believe it and are passionate and dedicated, it will become a success. If you live and breathe travel, excitement, sunshine…monsoons, living out of a bag for however long, countless flights, boats, cramped buses, tummy bugs…and adventure then what’s stopping you?!

We have both worked very hard up to now, paving established careers for ourselves in our dedicated fields, maintaining great working relationships for any future work or employment. But, for now here’s to our travelling future. I hope you’ve found this an honest insight into us and why we started this blog. Whether you feel inspired to go too or would just like to follow us and the places we see.

That’s all.

River and Me x

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  1. Love it!!! A wonderful honest and very accurate piece. You’ve captured my exact feelings when we made a similar decision 5 years ago that started as a ‘year of saying yes’ and we’re still living our dream now with a new adventure everyday!!!

    It has tested and strengthened our relationship, sharing so much and experiencing the unimaginable together-I feel so lucky and I know you guys will do the same!

    Can’t wait to hear and see what you get up to and hopefully cross paths somewhere exotic along the way!!! Xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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